VSH Super System

VSH is known for its VSH Super compression fittings in the Dutch market since 1975. The fittings are available in different types of brass in the dimensions from 6 to 54 mm. 

The  fittings are suitable not only for heating installations, but also for gas, solar and drinking water systems. In addition to the standard compression fitting which is suitable for copper or thin walled steel tubes, VSH Super also offers specific solutions, including:

  • Multi Super: for plastic or multi­layer tubes
  • Super Blue: specifically for connecting thick walled steel tubes
  • VSH Super gas for Belgium: this range of fittings complies with the guidelines for gas installations in Belgium

A wide variety of valves with compression connections completes the VSH Super range. These include solutions such as water ball valves, gas ball valves and balancing valves.
VSH Super compression fittings are designed based on the requirements of the installers and therefore perfectly suitable for optimum installation. For example because of the wide spanner flats, ensuring that the spanner always remains in place during tightening. The special compression ring ensures a tight seal at all times.

This will result in large savings in terms of labour costs as there is no need for the installer to return for retightening. Besides that, the high-quality finish of the fittings ensures a smooth  assembly at all times, with no juddering or creaking.

A large assortment of fittings for every application
VSH Super delivers a high-quality solution for connecting various tube materials, and many different possible applications. VSH Super is available in brass and dezincification resistant (DZR) for use in almost every imaginable system, from heating and drinking water to gas and solar.

The PLUS of VSH Super  

The right solution, available every time
  A large assortment of fittings for every application (for metal and plastic tubes)
  Normal brass and DZR fittings from 6 to 54 mm
  Available in plain, nickel-plated and chromium-plated versions
  A wide range of accessories with compression connections
  Designed for optimum installation thanks to the wide spanner flats on the union nuts and bodies
  Simple installation with standard tools
  Quick connection technology allowing reassembly
  Smooth installation (no juddering or creaking) with additional tube guidance
  Peace of mind: maximum quality and security
  A wide range of approvals

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