Compression fittings

VSH Super compression fittings are made of brass or Dezincification Resistant (DZR) brass and are available in the dimensions 6 to 54 mm. Next to the brass or DZR version also nickel-plated or chromium-plated variants are available.
The big advantage of VSH Super compression fittings is that they are applied on different metal und plastic fittings.

  • The VSH Super compression fittings are designed to be applied on copper tube, soft (R 220), medium-hard (R 250) and hard (R 290). Use a  soft copper tube (R 220) and copper insert (S1283).
  • Thin walled steel precision tube according EN 10305-3 (previously DIN 2394). If a connection is made according to the installation instructions, the compression fittings and the zinc layer do not have a negative influence on each other. The XPress galvanized tube of VSH with material no. 1.0034 RSt 34-2 according EN10305-3 is ideal in combination with VSH Super compression fitting.
  • Thin walled stainless steel tube according EN10312 of DVGW-worksheet GW541, for example XPress Stainless steel tube material no. 1.4401 (AISI316).
  • It is possible to connect PEX-tube with tube diameters that are equal to copper (10 to 28 mm) where a brass insert has to be used (S1285).
    For more possibilities how to connect VSH Super compression fittings with plastic and multi-layer tube see subject VSH Multi Super.
  • It is also possible to connect thick walled steel tube with VSH Super compression fittings. For more information see subject VSH Super Blue.

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