De VSH MPI (multi-layer and plastic pipe Insert) set is also an insert that is applied combined with a VSH Super compression fitting to connect multi-layer and plastic tube. This set consists of two parts instead of three, which are an insert made of DZR brass and a union nut.

The compression ring is an integrated part of the insert and therefore no separate part of the insert set. The larger O-ring is sealing the housing of the compression fitting and the insert. The smaller O-ring at the front acts as sealing in the tube to meet the tolerances in the inner diameter.
The MPI has approvals for drinking water in Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland)  and has been released for different plastic and multi-layer tubes. For more information, see VSH Super technical manual or www.vsh.nl and the available drinking water approvals.
The MPI is available in the dimensions 15,16,18,20,22,M22x16 and M22x20. There are also chromium-plated variants. 


The maximum operational temperature is determined by the applied tube! The maximum operational temperature will be 70°C with a peak temperature of 95°C. 

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