VSH Multi Super

VSH Multi Super is a range of inserts and compression fittings with inserts made of brass/DZR brass.

The VSH Multi Super insert consists of 3 parts:

  • The insert with a cylindrical or conical shape (depending on the dimension). The insert contains 2 EPDM O-rings.
    The larger O-ring is functioning as a sealing between the housing of the fitting and the insert. The smaller O-ring on the front end acts as sealing in the tube to meet the tolerances in the inner diameter.
  • The compression ring has a saw cut, allowing the outer diameter tolerances between different plastic tubes to be met. The compression ring is also fitted with grooves on the inside, ensuring the compression grips the tube perfectly.
  • The union nut is made suitable for the plastic tube. The size of the tube is marked on the union nut.
    The VSH Multi Super inserts and compression fittings are suitable for plastic PEX and multi-layer tube that have been released by VSH.
    For a complete overview of the plastic tubes released by VSH, see VSH Super, the technical manual (also on www.vsh.nl). VSH Multi Super is available in the size 14,16,20,25 and 26 mm.

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