VSH Super Blue

VSH Super compression fittings can also be used for thick walled steel tube according EN10255. In this case the brass compression fitting has to be replaced by a blue compression ring, called VSH Super Blue.


The VSH Super Blue compression ring is only suitable for application in heating installations and not for gas or drinking water installations!

VSH Super compression fittings equipped with a VSH Super Blue compression ring makes it possible to connect new radiators on existing thick walled tubes with the following advantages: 
  • No need to thread the tubes
  • Nothing needs to be welded
  • Can be placed in recesses, saving space
  • Nickel-plated fittings are available 

VSH Super Blue is a solution for renovation projects and is available in the dimensions 3/8” (18 mm), 3/8” (22 mm), ½” (22 mm), ¾” (28 mm) and 1” (35 mm).


After installing the fitting with VSH Super Blue in combination with the thick walled steel tube the nut has to be tightened after the first heat cycle with the minimum of a half turn. 

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