VSH XPress

​The complete VSH XPress piping system consists of M-profile press fittings, valves, tubes and press tools. Under circumstances it is possible to utilize tubes from other manufacturers. Furthermore the VSH XPress fittings can be used in conjunction with various brands of press tools. Easy installation, time saving and safety are the top priorities.

VSH XPress is suitable for every imaginable application: potable water, gas, heating, solar and sprinkler systems and is available in carbon steel, stainless steel copper and cunifer. VSH XPress has all major national and international quality and approvals.

VSH XPress has recently been extended with the clever VSH XPress FullFlow ball valve. The valve has a unique design, in which the housing of the ball valve is produced from one piece of pipe and has 100% full flow. This results in an extremely slim design and gives considerably less chance of leakage. The FullFlow also has an M-profile connection, so you can easily install the fittings and valves in one flow. Read more about this ball valve on vsh.eu/en/news/detail/new-vsh-xpress-fullflow-ball-valve.

The advantages of VSH XPress

  • Complete piping systems available in four different materials
  • Simple, fast connection technology
  • Pre-marked insertion depth
  • Clear material and size identification
  • Leak Before Pressed function
  • BIM ready
  • Matching professional press tools
  • Can be combined with VSH XPress FullFlow ball valve




Gebouwinstallaties Modulair Installeren

Technical specifications

Materials Carbon steel, stainless steel and copper
O-rings EPDM, (H)NBR, FPM green and FPM grey
Dimensions 12-108 mm (including intermediate sizes 64 and 66,7 mm)
Temperature range  -35°C to +135°C
Max. operational pressure  16 bar