Solar installations are systems where temperatures in the summer can reach very high temperatures, but the installation will be subject to very low temperatures in the winter time. 

To cover both the high and low temperatures different additives are added to the water to prevent the water from freezing and to efficiently transfer the heat to the heating installation of the building. These conditions make solar installations one of the more severe applications in piping systems.

VSH XPress Carbon, Stainless and Copper can all be used with the most solar installations available. Due to the high temperature range of the EPDM O-ring for VSH XPress Carbon and Stainless very often the solar installation can be made with the standard EPDM O-ring. If however additional safety is needed there are special FPM O-rings are available. Within in the VSH XPress Copper range a complete range of fittings with pre-mounted FPM O-rings exist, providing even more ease of installation.

Solar installation
VSH XPress Carbon fittings with zinc plated precision carbon steel tubes which fulfill EN 10305-3 or VSH XPress Stainless fittings with stainless steel tube which fulfill EN10312.

  • O-rings: FPM (green)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +200°C
  • Max. temperature: (short term) 230°C
  • Operating pressure: Max. 16 bar

Application: VSH XPress Carbon only for closed systems installed inside buildings, VSH XPress Stainless for both closed and open systems.

VSH XPress Copper fittings with copper tubes which fulfill EN1057 R250/R290.

  • O-rings: FPM (green)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +200°C
  • Max. temperature (short term) 230°C
  • Operating pressure: Max. 10 bar

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