With the growing importance of the fire safety and security market on one hand and the lack of time on the building site on the other, making the VSH XPress system available for sprinkler installations was an obvious choice.

By obtaining the VdS approval in the beginning of 2008 for both galvanized and stainless steel, this was the start to evolve the VSH XPress system into VSH XPress Sprinkler. Many approvals, such as FM, FG, SBSC, LPCB, UL, cUL and CNBOP, have followed since and will continue to follow.

VSH XPress Sprinkler is available in the dimensions DN20-DN100 (22-108 mm), either in galvanized or stainless steel. VSH XPress Sprinkler has been tested and certified for the use in wet (galvanized and stainless steel) and dry (stainless steel) fixed sprinkler systems in accordance with international guidelines such as VdS and FM.

The working pressure of the system can go up to 16 bar, depending on the dimensions and relevant approvals.

Sprinkler installation (or low pressure water mist)

VSH XPress Carbon fittings with zinc plated precision VSH XPress Carbon Sendzimir tubes which fulfill EN 10305-3 or VSH XPress Stainless fittings with VSH XPress Stainless tube, which are approved according among others VdS, FM, UL, ULc and LPCB.

  • O-rings: EPDM (black)
  • Operating temperature: -35°C to +135°C
  • Operating pressure: max. 16 bar (depending on application and dimensions)

VSH XPress Sprinkler is suitable for both wet and dry fixed sprinkler systems. As VSH XPress Sprinkler carries a system approval special care should be taken in choosing the correct combination of fittings, tubes and tools.