Modular Off Site Installation (MOSI) is an advanced engineering service specializing in integrated prefabricated solutions to the construction and building industries. MOSI offers you a proven combination of a dedicated engineering team experienced in integrated modular solutions, combined with personalized advanced software.

The VSH XPress system perfectly fits the needs of the customers when it comes to MOSI by providing a light weight, easy to install and high quality product range and at the same time the digital information needed to support this process (CAD drawings, product support, on-site training).

Speed up your process
Compared to traditional methodology, this modular approach speeds up the installation of building installations (heating, plumbing, sprinkler, medical gas and electrical services).

The modular prefabrication concept employed by MOSI has been applied to significant UK building projects including hospitals, schools, hotels and office developments with an average overall cost saving of more than 15%!

Improve your supply chain
On-site efficiency is critical to completing projects on time and within budget. With MOSI modular engineering solutions, completed assemblies are delivered to site as and when needed, from a single supplier. So many of the delays inherent in traditional construction methods are eliminated.

MOSI and VSH XPress: the ideal solution to reduce your total installed costs by combining product features with an integrated system approach.

For more specific information with regards to the possibilities of VSH XPress and MOSI, please check out the following link:


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