VSH XPress is not just quick, clean and easy. It also helps achieve a better and cleaner environment.

Research has shown that we make VSH XPress fittings and tube using 60% less materials than traditional systems. On a build project (e.g. 3000 m) this means for example at least 17 tons of CO2 emissions and 200 thousand MJ of energy is saved.

VSH XPress can also be installed faultlessly first time right thanks to its Leak-Before-Pressed function. This also prevents unnecessary extra work, material and energy consumption.

The low weight of the system helps to reduce back, knee and shoulder injuries occurring in this line of business due to heavy loads to be handled. VSH XPress reduces physical risks due to turning, milling and other machining. No welding is involved, eliminating toxic fumes and gasses and protecting eyes from radiation.

The clean way of working with VSH XPress takes away stress and disturbance of end customer’s business (no oil, grease and dirt during installation) as occurs with other connection methods.

Using VSH XPress is not only fast, clean and easy to install, but also contributes to our efforts in creating a better environment (reduced carbon footprint and energy use). With VSH XPress we use up to 60% less material then with conventional piping systems.

Using VSH XPress is clean, fast and simple. Training ensures that everybody can make connections the right way. Our Leak Before Press function will immediately show if a connection was not properly pressed. The system makes a reliable connection over and over again, depending on the tool and less on specific craftsmanship as is the case with welded and threaded connections.

Practice has shown that time savings, compared to threaded and welded fittings, up to 50% are no exception. VSH XPress is proving that it is possible to contribute to a better world, taking care of people and being more profitable at the same time.

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