VSH XPress system

We continuously strive to be a leading force within the plumbing and heating industry and therefore provides the optimal level of support to installers throughout the industry.

An excellent example of this is the VSH XPress product range, which is comprised of three pipe systems: stainless steel press fittings and tubes, carbon steel press fittings and tubes (with and without a polypropylene coating) and copper press fittings. All these fittings are manufactured to incorporate the ‘M’ profile.

Why VSH XPress?

  • Connection made without using a heat source. As a result of this there is no need for expensive insurance policies. The danger of fire damage is also excluded.
  • Compared with other "cold" connection techniques, the use of VSH XPress dispenses the need for complicated clamping techniques, long preparation and drying times which all lead to longer installation times.
  • The quality of the connection is determined by the tool and not the operator. This guarantees constant quality and the connection can be visually checked.
  • The simple and fast connection technology and the short preparation time for the tube result in further cost savings. As the connection is only realized with the use of press tools, the need to purchase and store other materials such as gases, adhesives, threading machines, etc. becomes superfluous.

Technical advantages of VSH XPress fittings:

  • Excellent flow properties due to laser-welded fittings
  • No chances of leakage due to a very accurate press profile (M-profile)
  • Easy tube insertion due to the tolerances on the fittings and O-rings
  • Improved heat resistance due to the use of EPDM O-rings
  • The O-rings have a special coating which makes tube insertion easier reducing the danger of damaging the O-ring during tube insertion significantly
  • VSH XPress offers end caps instead of plugs, which enable you to easy close off your piping system end and to easily enable you to continue work on your piping system when needed

Insertion depth marking

The right insertion depth is essential for making safe and secure connections. However, marking the ­insertion depth can be time-consuming.

That’s why all VSH XPress stainless steel and carbon steel fittings have clearly visible pre-marked insertion depths (12 to 54 mm). This means that 25% of all installed VSH XPress fittings, do not have to marked by yourself.

This is a clever and unique feature of VSH XPress that makes installation a lot easier, saves time and increases safety.

Material identification and laser marking

VSH XPress fittings from 12 to 108 mm have a clear colour coding, so you can distinguish the different materials apart very easy (green = stainless steel, red = carbon steel). That’s handy when you are working on dark or poorly lit locations/sites.

As an extra feature, carbon steel and stainless steel fittings have laser markings that clearly indicate the size and type of material.

Smart leak detection

The Leak Before Pressed function ensures that unpressed fittings are detected. Thanks to the smart combination in design of the fitting and O-ring, water flows out of unpressed fittings when the system is pressurised. This is an extra safety to avoid consequential damage and always deliver a fully ­leak-tight system. 

VSH XPress system products are manufactured using unique and modern machinery. A completely automated factory guarantees high quality and safe products. All welded products undergo a leak test which avoids any problems with installation procedures at a later date.

The concept of the VSH XPress system is to offer a complete solution to installers and with the added advantage of offering a greater level of flexibility overall. The VSH XPress system consists of fittings, tools and tubes and under circumstances it is possible to utilize tubes from other manufacturers.

Furthermore the VSH XPress fittings can be used in conjunction with various brands of press tools.

The VSH XPress system offers a comprehensive and high quality range of fittings, with the added benefit of an unusual level of flexibility when selecting material and tools.


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