VSH XPress Carbon

VSH XPress Carbon is a complete range available in the dimensions 12-108 mm (including 66,7 mm) with a wide range of fittings and tubes. The main application for VSH XPress Carbon is the use in heating and cooling applications. However the use of VSH XPress Carbon is also very common for applications such as sprinkler and compressed air.

VSH XPress Carbon fittings
VSH XPress Carbon fittings are produced from steel RSt 34-2 and are protected against corrosion by a thermally applied zinc layer with "Leak Before Pressed" (LBP) function. VSH XPress Carbon fittings in sizes 12-54 are fitted with an EPDM "Leak Before Pressed" (LBP) O-ring. Fittings in sizes 66,7 up to 108 are fitted with a standard EPDM O-ring, which is also equipped with LBP-functionality.

VSH XPress Carbon steel tubes
VSH XPress Carbon tubes are thin-walled precision tubes. The VSH XPress Carbon tubes are protected against external corrosion by a coating of zinc-plating and passivating chrome. The zinc layer is applied thermally which results in a good adhesion between the zinc layer and the tubes. The VSH XPress Carbon tubes for sprinkler applications are made from cold rolled steel which is galvanized using the Sendzimir process.

VSH XPress Carbon tubes are manufactured in accordance with EN 10305-3 (previously DIN 2394/ NEN 1982) from a special kind of steel that has a very low carbon content. The resulting product is very easy to bend. The absence of leaks is also checked, in accordance with EN 10246-1, so that all tubes will be guaranteed leak free.

VSH XPress Carbon tubes with polypropylene coating are used for the same applications and have the same technical characteristics as VSH XPress Carbon tubes and are coated with a layer of polypropylene (PP) for protection against outer corrosion. The PP has a smooth surface and good resistance to tearing and impact.


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