VSH XPress Stainless Gas

VSH XPress Stainless Gas is a great solution for gas-installations inside or outside of buildings. The VSH XPress Stainless Gas range goes from 15-108 mm and is approved according to DVGW, SVGW and ÖVGW.

VSH XPress Stainless Gas fittings
The fittings are produced from material 1.4404 according to DIN 10088 and are fitted with a "yellow" HNBR O-ring. When pressing VSH XPress Stainless Gas special care should be taken in using the right combination of fittings, tool and tube. The fittings are suitable to be used with the XPress Stainless 1.4401 tube.

VSH XPress Stainless Gas fittings come permanently marked with a highly visible yellow marking stating ‘gas’ and all fittings have passed the High Temperature Leakage Rate test at 650⁰C for 30 minutes, ensuring peace of mind and confidence that any installation of VSH XPress Stainless Gas has been designed for life and built to endure.

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