VSH XPress tools & accessories

The VSH XPress tools are part of the system of VSH XPress and are an important part of the VSH XPress piping system. The VSH XPress tools are suitable for our complete range of VSH XPress Copper, Carbon, Stainless and Sprinkler ML. The tools are able to realize a reliable and safe connection from outer diameters 12 mm up to 108 mm (DN10 up to DN100).

The VSH XPress tools can be operated by mains or with batteries. The Lithium Ion batteries and have a long durability and short charging times and ensure fast and secure pressing.

The comfort versions of the VSH XPress tools have diagnostic functions with LED-indication, automatic press cycle and are designed for easy handling (reduced weight) and to deal with the rough conditions during installation.

The VSH XPress tools are used in combination with our VSH XPress jaws and slings. The jaws are available in the size 12-35 mm, the slings are available in the sizes 35-108 mm. The VSH XPress slings are so called snap on slings and therefore easy to handle and to install onto the fitting.

For VSH XPress Sprinkler ML we have special jaws suitable for the outer diameters 32, 40, 50 and 63 mm.

When using slings, adapters have to be used which are separate or an integral part of the machine.



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