Over 85 years of experience

Our story begins in 1930, when 4 small metalworking companies merge and start manufacturing metal products, including screws and nuts.  In 1957 the foundation is laid for the current VSH product range by starting up the production of installation components.
In 1973, VSH markets the famous Super Compression Fitting, which appears to be an instant success. Many installers prefer this fitting because of its extremely high quality and considerable user-friendliness.
Over time the VSH product range is expanded as more and more fittings and accessories such as stop valves, gas valves and aeration valves are added to the assortment.
The 1991 take-over of VSH by Aalberts Industries marks an important milestone for VSH’s future. VSH products are marketed worldwide with the cooperation of its extensive network of associated companies.
In the year 2000 VSH has introduced the press fittings to the assortment. In over 85 years time VSH has become market leader in installation components in the Netherlands and is a very well-known organisation in the domestic and commercial building market in many countries.

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