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VSH XPress Stainless Gas elbow 90º (2 x press)


VSH XPress Stainless Gas elbow 90º (2 x press) VSH XPress Stainless Gas elbow 90º (2 x press)

The VSH XPress R2711G is a stainless steel 90º elbow with a press and an tube end, applicable for Gas. Ideal for applications where high levels of hydrogen sulphide make copper an unsuitable material choice. The yellow O-ring and prominent marking on the exterior of this fitting ensure a clear identification of the system.

  • Safer installation due to no naked flames or heat required
  • Insert stop: stop edge for pipe end
  • Provided with all relevant approvals
  • Clear identification on fitting of material and dimension


natural gas


building installations industry




Art. No GTIN Size Item weight l x w x h Packaging
6210270 08711985211030 15xØ15 0.06 kg 56x68x23 bag (10 pce)
6210281 08711985224733 18xØ18 0.07 kg 62x75x27 bag (10 pce)
6210292 08711985210736 22xØ22 0.10 kg 71x84x32 bag (10 pce)
6210303 08711985224740 28xØ28 0.15 kg 85x99x38 bag (5 pce)
6210314 08711985211313 35xØ35 0.20 kg 105x115x45 bag (5 pce)
6210325 08711985211009 42xØ42 0.33 kg 136x152x54 bag (2 pce)
6210336 08711985210989 54xØ54 0.51 kg 169x182x65 bag (2 pce)
6212195 08711985280715 76.1xØ76.1 1.08 kg 188x212x94 bag (1 pce)
6212206 08711985280722 88.9xØ88.9 1.42 kg 219x245x109 bag (1 pce)
6212217 08711985280739 108xØ108 2.17 kg 270x304x133 bag (1 pce)


Colors silver
Materials stainless steel (Stainless steel 316L (1.4404))
Manufacturer VSH
Shape Bend (90º)
Connection type Press (M), Tube end
Sealing HNBR

Technical specifications



Category fittings
ETIM class EC003024 Fitting with 2 connections
Intrastat code 73072980
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