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potable water
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VSH XPress
Pinto & Cruz
Porto, Portugal

Centro-Materno-Infantil-do-Norte - Porto

Centro Hospitalar do Porto is the latest hospital equipment of the National Health Service to be built in the city of Porto, with all signs of hospital architecture. This center has focused on the needs of the user. Indeed, already the case in the design of caring for a hotel with character, a fact that contributes to eliminate stress soften the pain and determine the shortening of the time of dismissal formally.

The building consists of nine floors who carefully adapt to the natural slope of the land where it is  deployed. In general, it can be characterized by its structure and portal in reinforced concrete, there are 7.20 m spans in both directions, and plates having a thickness which is between 30 and 35 cm.

VSH XPress is used in the installation of the potable water system, varying dimensions 15-76,1 mm.

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