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VSH XPress FullFlow Carbon ball valve with extended stem (press)

VSH XPress FullFlow Carbon ball valve with extended stem (press)


The VSH XPress XPR10101 is a FullFlow Carbon steel ball valve with 2 press ends and an extended stem. The VSH XPress FullFlow valve is a uniquely designed ball valve with a full bore. By using the VSH XPress FullFlow ball valve you are always ensured that the material of your carbon steel piping installation is a direct match with the VSH XPress fittings.

  • Compact FullFlow design, produced in one piece minimizing the risk of leaks
  • Interchangeable application identifier to distinguish hot and cold application
  • Leak Before Pressed-function
  • Unique laser marked valve identification


heating cooling compressed air vacuum


building installations industry
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Art. No Size Item weight l x w x h Packaging GTIN
1010000101 15 (DN12) 0.25 kg 122x120x26 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596625
1015000101 18 (DN15) 0.30 kg 127x124x30 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596687
1020000101 22 (DN20) 0.30 kg 134x130x38 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596748
1025000101 28 (DN25) 0.69 kg 168x148x45 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596786
1032000101 35 (DN32) 0.99 kg 180x159x57 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596847
1040000101 42 (DN40) 1.62 kg 219x190x68 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596908
1050000101 54 (DN50) 2.55 kg 233x208x85 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596960