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VSH XPress FullFlow Carbon ball valve with extended stem (press x union)

VSH XPress FullFlow Carbon ball valve with extended stem (press x union)


The VSH XPress XPR11401 is a FullFlow Carbon steel ball valve with a press and a union end and an extended stem. The VSH XPress FullFlow valve is a uniquely designed ball valve with a full bore. By using the VSH XPress FullFlow ball valve you are always ensured that the material of your carbon steel piping installation is a direct match with the VSH XPress fittings.

  • Compact FullFlow design, produced in one piece minimizing the risk of leaks
  • Interchangeable application identifier to distinguish hot and cold application
  • Leak Before Pressed-function
  • Unique laser marked valve identification


heating cooling compressed air vacuum


building installations industry
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Art. No Size Item weight l x w x h Packaging GTIN
1010001411 15xG3/4 (DN12) 0.31 kg 127x124x32 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596663
1015001401 18xG3/4 (DN15) 0.35 kg 133x126x32 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596724
1020001411 22xG3/4 (DN20) 0.37 kg 145x130x38 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596762
1025001401 28xG1 1/4 (DN25) 0.78 kg 174x151x46 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596823
1032001401 35xG1 1/2 (DN32) 1.11 kg 183x159x57 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596885
1040001401 42xG1 3/4 (DN40) 1.74 kg 216x190x68 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537596946
1050001401 54xG2 1/4 (DN50) 2.79 kg 231x208x85 mm Bag (1 pce) 05708537597004