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Wien, Austria

Citygate - Vienna

Citygate is the prestige project in the Viennese suburb Floridsdorf. Citygate offers a complete range of infrastructures like schools, parks and a metro station. This project has a total investment of 250 million Euros.

The project consists of the construction of 1,100 homes and a large shopping center with a total area of ​​20,000 m2. The apartments are spread over two towers of respectively 100 m and 80 m high.

The houses are delivered with a sprinkler system. The sprinkler heads (2280) are installed at each window of the apartments. Purpose of the system is to prevent a fire skipping to houses above. Since the piping of the sprinkler system had to be embedded in the concrete floors, the Austrian engineer Total Walther (Tyco) opted for VSH XPress ML.

VSH XPress ML is fast, flexible and easy to process. 32mm flexible, plastic tubes are connected to the sprinkler heads. This way, many crossings can be saved and the total of more than 10.000 m tube are installed even faster.

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