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Garz/Rügen, Germany

Prora Solitaire - Rügen

Monument Prora Solitaire on the German island of Rugen is a historical interesting building from 1936. The building, located directly at the Ostsee, will be renovated to accommodate 280 residential and holiday apartments. Prora Solitaire is restored as authentically as possible and redeveloped.
The renovation involves all renewal and modernization of the building. For the complex it means among others road development, street lighting, building up the boardwalk and beach access roads. It is also planned to have an ecological construction supervision including nature and species protection.
For the installation technique the used products should ensure absolute tightness and time-saving. The installer choose to use VSH SudoPress fittings and tubes, because the complete system is just as diverse as economically; it is suitable for drinking water installations and for heating systems, ensures a virtually flawless pressing and saves valuable installation time.
Several thousands of meters of carbon steel pipes of SudoPress were installed in this project and connected with V-profile press fittings.
The price-performance ratio of the products was decisive for the choice of this installation system. We are very satisfied with the process.

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